Pennsylvania Condominiums and Planned Communities

  1. Pennsylvania has adopted the Uniform Condominium Act, 68 P.S. 3101 et seq. The Act defines the declaration of condominium and the bylaws and how they control the association's activities. Pennsylvania has also adopted the Uniform Planned Community Act, 68 Pennsylvania. C. S. A. 5414. It defines common facilities, limited common facilities and planned communities. It is used in conjunction with the Uniform Condominium Act to delineate the duties and responsibilities of the associations and its unit owners.
  2. The Governing Documents of a Pennsylvania condominium or planned community are the declaration of condominium or a declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions. Each association also has a set of bylaws which controls the rights and duties of the board of trustees and the unit owners and a set of rules and regulations formulated by the board of trustees pursuant to its authority under the bylaws.
  3. Litigation involving Pennsylvania condominiums or planned communities generally involves negligence issues or breach of the fiduciary duties of the Board of Trustees.