COVID-19 Executive Orders Impacting Municipalities in New Jersey

Below is a list of Executive Orders related to COVID-19 that impact municipal governments:

EXECUTIVE ORDER 107 Stay at Home Order and Declaration of Public Emergency

EXECUTIVE ORDER 108 Invalidates any county or municipal restriction that may conflict with EO 107

EXECUTIVE ORDER 118 Closure of all Parks

EXECUTIVE ORDER 130 Permits governing body to extend grace period for real estate taxes due on May 1, 2020 to June 1, 2020 by resolution

EXECUTIVE ORDER 132 Allowing for electronic petitions and submissions and signature collection for initiatives and referenda by clerks

EXECUTIVE ORDER 133 Reopening golf courses and state parks

EXECUTIVE ORDER 135 Suspending in person requests for marriage licenses and ceremonies except for minors

EXECUTIVE ORDER 143 Reopening of boardwalks, beaches, and lakes

EXECUTIVE ORDER 148 Increasing capacity limit on outdoor gatherings

EXECUTIVE ORDER 149 Reopening of childcare centers, youth camps and organized sports

EXECUTIVE ORDER 150 Permitting outdoor dining and in person non-essential retail.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 151 Extending Public Emergencies